About the Curriculum

The studio offers a well-rounded program encompassing technique, theory, ear training, sight reading, performance, and original composition. Students learn to play the piano and understand the language of music in the setting of the traditional private piano lesson, enhanced through technology with an additional 30 minute multimedia lab - working on a wide variety of educational computer software or sequencing at a Clavinova CVP-407. One week of each month is devoted to group lessons with performance, theory, and a variety of creative activities.

.....Supplementary material is chosen with each student's personal interests in mind.

.....Performance opportunities abound through studio recitals and performance groups (which are required), as well as numerous local and state concerts,festivals and competitions. (See Calendar of Events) Students are allowed the freedom to choose the events they would like to enter. We also take great pleasure in providing mini recitals for area nursing and retirement villages.

.....Each student is encouraged to create at least one original composition each school year. Just as students in art classes go home with a painting, basket weavers go home with a basket, pottery students go home with an object formed with their own hands, I believe that music students should go home at some point in the school year with an original work in the language of music, thereby gaining a hands-on understanding of the creative process. The program includes the creation, notation, and performance of the original work.

......The ultimate goal of these endeavors is to develop a lifelong love of music, a comprehensive understanding of the language of music, a joy in the making of music, an understanding of the piano and how to produce the most beautiful music through it, and build confidence for sharing music through performance in the venues most appropriate for the individual student.